Put Your Financial Flight on Auto-Pilot

Keeping track of money can be hard. There are bills all over the place. You’ve got rent/mortgage, utilities, cable, internet, cell phone, insurance, debt payments, etc. It can be hard to keep track of everything that is going on and missing a payment could lead to late fees, and paying when you do not have […]

Credit Cards: Are the rewards worth it?

Note: Realized at 6pm that I accidentally scheduled this to post at 8pm instead of 8am. Just going to roll with it this week and go back to 8am next week. Credit cards can be very useful tools. Use someone else’s money to make a purchase and pay them back later. Once you have been […]


Budgeting…it’s either a word that brings people comfort or anxiety. For the latter, they think complicated spreadsheets, limitations to their spending freedom, but they shouldn’t feel that way. Creating and sticking to a budget might be hard at first, but it really gives you the power to make your money work for you, instead of […]

Week in Review

This week’s post will be a little abbreviated. Busy week at work and was getting over a cold I got last week. Update on Virginia Train Crash The NTSB released a report providing updates on the Amtrak special that hit a garbage truck at a crossing, killing one on the truck and injuring a few […]

College and Student Debt

Late winter into early spring is the season for college acceptance letters. While I graduated almost two years ago, this time of year reminds me of when I got my first college acceptance letter. For sure, the last thing I was thinking about was how student loans would affect my life after college… Education is […]

Week in Review

Here is the first of a new series here where I recap some of the news that interested me this week. Here we go: Amtrak Always at Fault The morning of Sunday, February 4, an Amtrak train was diverted to a side track into a parked freight train, killing the engineer and conductor and injuring […]

Blog Direction

Okay, here I am, starting my blog back up…again. Now, I have a little bit more of a plan for posting that should help me stay on track. As an accountant/soon-to-be CPA, I think a lot about personal finances and the economy. Since this is something I think on frequently, I have decided to do […]